Path of Least Resistance

I like reading self development books. Recently, I was reading “Designing Your Life” by Dave Evans & Bill Burnett, and I very much liked the discussion about a human psychology of choosing the “Path of Least Resistance” given in the book.

According to this psychological theory, we as a human always tend to chose a path which is easiest and is most prominently visible to us. Similarly, we go for the idea which comes first to our mind and we immediately think that it is the best solution for us and try hard to achieve the same. However, that first idea may not be the best for us but only easiest for us.

The best idea may come little later after thinking quite deeply and working further on the prototype of first idea. So it’s always good to keep thinking and be receptive to new things coming on our way.

Why Win-Win is an ideal Situation

In today’s world every human is part of a race where everyone wants to come first and more importantly defeat others. We are running and just running blindly to achieve success which may or may not mean anything to us. But unfortunately this is a normal state in a human’s life. Can’t we change it to something better? Can’t we think of a situation where everyone wins?

I am really inspired by a thought discussed by Mr Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” that Win-Win is an ideal result in any situation. When we work for a win-win situation we build a very strong and long term relationship with the other person. In this kind of situation we don’t accept anything where any of the participating parties is on losing side. We are equally concerned about the welfare of other party as of ours. This seems really difficult but once we develop this HABIT we feel huge sense of accomplishment & happiness and build super strong bond & trust in our personal and professional life.

Some of the below mentioned traits and feelings can help us in creating a Win-Win habit in our life:

Abundance Resource: We need to believe that there is abundance availability of opportunity and benefits in each and every situation and we are going to get our share irrespective of the other person’s component.

Equality: Everyone has equal right on goods, services and resources irrespective of the stature, caste and religion.